Meghraj Properties

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Meghraj Properties Limited is a property investment manager which has been providing private clients with real estate investment and advisory services in the United Kingdom (UK) since 1973. Many of our clients have been advised by us for over two generations and we firmly believe in nurturing our relationships for the very long term.

The business is highly personalised to suit individual requirements and is handled by RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors and experienced support staff who appreciate fully the importance of establishing professional and discreet relationships with each of our clients. Presently Meghraj Properties look after approximately 60 high net worth individuals and family offices both in the UK and overseas.

Meghraj currently have approximately £850 million of Assets Under Management(AUM) in the UK and a duty of care over in excess of £25 million per annum of rental income. The UK portfolio comprises 135 buildings. In Denmark, we have a portfolio of approximately £200 million in assets, represented by 35 buildings and rental income in excess of £7 million per annum.

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1. Identifying and securing suitable investment properties both ‘on and off market’ using our established reputation, extensive contact base and track record

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2. Formulating investment strategies based on client risk profiles and income/capital return expectations

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3. Advising on pricing, location, covenant strength, current and prospective cash flows, finance options, future rental/ capital growth, capital allowances, and exit strategy

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4. Managing the property acquisition due diligence process – coordinating accountants, solicitors, valuers, structural surveyors, tax consultants, lender’s and lender’s consultants

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5. Arranging bank finance or subsequent re-finance to assist the acquisition of properties

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6. Regularly analysing investment performance, maintaining/maximising strategic performance of client property portfolios and optimising finance arrangements

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1. Preparing pre-acquisition audits and implementing Business Plans in accordance with investment strategy

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2. Identifying ‘value-add’ initiatives – redevelopment, refurbishments, lease restructuring, changes of use, lease surrenders, redevelopment and improving the efficiency of service charge buildings

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3. Advice and strategy on rent reviews, lease renewals and dilapidations

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4. Advice on marketing strategy for any vacant space including; rental levels, incentives, strategy and mitigation of vacant property holding costs

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5. Maintaining strategic relationships with key tenants to identify and respond to any potential opportunities or threats

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6. Ensuring efficient and timely collection of monies and remittance to clients by experienced and qualified staff


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Strategic partnerships


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Rohin Shah

Rohin Shah is a Chartered Surveyor with 26 years’ experience in the UK, India and Denmark real estate investment markets. He joined Meghraj Properties in 1992 and has overall responsibility for their portfolio, with a key client base of 60 private family offices. Rohin also established Trammell Crow Meghraj which he merged with Jones Lang LaSalle in 2007 to create the largest real estate services business in India. Rohin has a Masters degree in property investment from City University and has sat on various committees at the RICS.




Justin Wood

Justin Wood is a Chartered Surveyor and a Director with over 17 years’ of experience in commercial property in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia. Justin is responsible for investment acquisitions, disposals and refinances of our clients’ UK property portfolio. Justin is also responsible for the strategic asset management of the Danish portfolio. Justin has an undergraduate degree in Land Economics from the University of Technology, Sydney and is a Member of both the RICS and the Australian Property Institute.




Richard Rogers


Richard Rogers is a Chartered Surveyor and the Director responsible for the asset and property management of our clients’ UK property portfolio of 135 buildings. He has over 30 years’ experience in managing commercial property of all asset types, whether single let or multi- tenanted. Richard joined Meghraj Properties in 2004. He has been a Member of the

RICS since 1994




James Morris

James Morris is a Chartered Surveyor and an Associate Director with 10 years’ of experience in the UK commercial property market. James’ responsibilities lie in asset management including redevelopments, changes of use, leasing initiatives, landlord and tenant activity, negotiations and dilapidations. James is a Member of the RICS and has a Masters degree in Property Appraisal & Management. He also holds the Investment Management Certificate