High quality asset and property management is central to investment performance. We recognise that no one property asset is the same and that opportunities derive from entrepreneurial thinking, experience and an adeptly executed strategy. We aim to maximise income, stabilise assets, optimise any opportunities and mitigate costs.

Our Services Include:

Pre-acquisition audits and implementing the property business plan in accordance with an agreed investment strategy.

Identifying and creating value-add initiatives such as lease restructuring, change of use, lease surrenders, refurbishments, redevelopment, tenant optimisation and improving the efficiency of service charge buildings.

Advising on the strategy for vacant buildings including leasing or sale options, rental levels, incentives and mitigation of vacant property holding costs.

Arranging building insurance in accordance with lease obligations and regular reinstatement valuations. Processing any claims and implementing risk improvement requirements.

Ensuring timely collection of rent, service charge and insurance premiums and if necessary, employing the processes available for recovery in the event of payment delay or default.

Meeting regularly with the client and maintaining close written and verbal communication.